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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A little Hidden Gem!

Angela's Pure Salon And Spa
Hi Guys! I have to just make a post about my experience at a lovely Salon and Spa called Angela's Pure Salon and Spa! First it is in the quaintest little old house, it is so worth just going and visiting because it is so darn cute! You may be confused if you have lived here for a while because it used to be known as the Vintage Salon & Spa.. however major props to it's new owner Angela Powers! Anyone that knows her just adores her, I have only ever heard the sweetest thing about her. I must take a second to rant & rave about how amazing this woman is. It was actually my first experience at her Salon, and my first time getting my hair organically colored/highlighted & styled by her. She is the most dedicated, honest, faith filled humble woman ever! I cannot give her enough credit for everything she takes on and just how positive she is about life in general is amazing. She along with her family and adorable daughter (who is also so talented at doing hair.. I wish I could do the braids & style she does! Just incredible!) has put her blood, sweat and tears into this Salon and it clearly shows! I call it a hidden gem here in our town of Sarasota. 

A moment to talk about how I stepped out of my comfort zone and completely put my hair into the hands of this remarkable stylist with no fear or anxiety about what was about to take place with my hair.. It was one of those things I swear was just meant to happen, or a person you are just supposed to meet. When I first walked into her salon I was in awe of how vintage chic it is and I immediately just wanted to take time to look at every nook and cranny, there is always little trinkets & treasures everywhere! Second you notice you are not overwhelmed with the normal smells at a regular salon. Angela strives to live her life in an utmost healthy way. She uses organic products in her salon, and now having experienced organic products I do not want to go back to any other products! So if you live here or visit here you must go and check it out! 
They also offer a variety or other services:
nails- mani/pedi's
hair-blowouts, trim, style, cuts, conditioning the list goes on!
And others listed on their site! 
You can also purchase a variety of organic shampoos, conditioners, anything you can think of! 
3510 N Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota, Florida
Phone Number: (941) 351-0670


  1. Wow that salon sounds great!! I love the organic part of it. Erin, you are always keeping it new, thanks for the information.

    1. Thank you!! Really it is amazing and just to try the products and see the difference between organic and regular products it is just incredible!!