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Monday, April 13, 2015

She's a wild child, Got a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy

Hey guys so I have been so sick that is why I have been delayed in my postings, but I am finally all better and cannot be happier. Getting sick when you haven't in a while makes you really appreciate good health. Anyways I love the song "Wild Child" by Kenny Chesney and I felt it fit perfectly for the title of this post. This has had to been one of my favorite posts. I feel so free and just true to myself. I think that is what is most important in having your own style.. it is knowing who you are and what you love to wear and to be blunt not giving a damn what anyone thinks or might say. This is something that everyone struggles with especially when we are young and I still struggle and have days I doubt myself.. but who doesn't. Once you start to accept and be honest with yourself you get this whole new perspective and a true feeling of acceptance. Anyways back to fashion. I adore everything in this post. This tank dress is flow and super chic, I definitely am a repeat offender when it comes to this dress... and I honestly don't care. The accessories in this post are also some of my favorites, I cannot say enough about this bag it is so unique and beautifully made. Love y'all and will soon have a couple of discounts and giveaways for you! I hope you like!

Tank Dress:
Kimono: exact:here!
Jewelry: Stack: Wanderlust and Zeal
Necklace :
Purse: Shop Sparrow


  1. Move to Utah and be my BFF? :) Miss you girl!

    1. AHH miss you too! I got a new number i miss our letters and texting and YES PLEASE<3

  2. Gorgeous photos, love your sense of style- ash

    1. So sweet thank you! You always write such kind comments!

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