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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

it's indie rock n' roll for me, it's all i need

Finally the weather has appeared to break a little so I am now able to wear some of my favorite fall pieces! This entire outfit is from Free People. I cannot express my love for Free People enough. If I could only shop at one store the rest of my life it would for sure be Free People. I hope y'all are doing amazing! I have some giveaways coming up. Hope you enjoy, have a blessed Wednesday.

Cardigan/ Dress/ Slip: Free People
Necklace: Pretty Southern
Bracelets: MY Tranquil DESIGNS
Triangle & thumb ring: MY Tranquil DESIGNS
Other Rings: CatBird NYC


  1. So cute! I'm jealous, i don't know if I have even ONE item from free people, let alone an entire outfit. haha

  2. I have that slip and wear it all the time - I love it!


  3. I love Free People This outfit suits you perfectly.

  4. Great outfit, I totally like the photos. Thanks for sharing.