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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a mix of fall & of summer!

Hey y'all I am excited about today's post! It is a combo of some fall items & a few summer items I just am not ready to put away until next year just yet! This post I thought I would begin doing things differently by first displaying the accessories by themselves and then the pictures of myself & how I styled them! I am in love with the Fig Tree jewelry! So boho-chic fabulous!! I also love the colors of everything in this post! The scarf is an infinity so comfy and easy just to throw on! I also am obsessed with flowers.. especially in my hair! These from the Nest are just darling and pink is my second favorite color! So basically I just simply could not be more in love with everything in this post! I am so grateful for all of my sponsors & followers and I cannot express my gratitude enough! I love y'all really!  Hope you enjoy this post, and the rest that are coming this week! 

Boots: Target
Pants: old( h&m)
Shirt: Tj-max
Scarf: Bijoux Boutique:right here!
Headpiece flowers: Nest Boutique
Jewelry: Fig Tree: Full Site here!
earrings: exact ones here!
See no evil, hear no evil, Speak no evil: Monkey Bracelet!
bangles: right here!


  1. The color of the scarf is gorgeous.
    beautiful pieces
    love Vikee

  2. Thank you vikee! You always make me smile with your super nice comments:) love being blogger friends!


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