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Friday, September 20, 2013

These boots are made for walkin And that’s just what they’ll do….

Hey guys! Toady's post is like a whole different type of post … its basically just highlighting one topic of my style today so I hope you guys like it! As y'all know I am infatuated, enamored, and beyond obsessed with my boots… well I guess any ones boots really.. but I love wearing boots & I wear them all year long and I do not care if its 100+ out.. maybe that's just the southern girl in me.. so one of my go to pieces… tend to always be boots. So easy to slip right on.. and I just love them! Much more of a boots than heels type of girl.. no be prepared there are quite a few.. but I only did my summer/fall collection..  I didn't want to overwhelm y'all with all of my boots at once!!

Steve Madden- my "new" but previously loved boots! 

Target- sleek & sexy!

Target: got them on sale!! LOVE THEM .. little ankle booties! all in the details!

Target: 1-2 seasons ago?!

Live in these! My First & fav steve maddens!

little combat boot!- Windsor Store

Target- Last year!!

Knee High- Charming Charlie's

my cowgirl boots- from a huge cowboy shoe store in Nashville!

Tj-max.. a season or 2 ago

target- wore these too my first brad paisley/carrie underwood concert!

Also oldies from target.. i think 3 seasons ago! Still holding up!!! 
and again these are just my summer/fall/ all the time boots… I will make a winter post soon though!
Thanks for reading babes!


  1. Being able to wear boots again is one of my favorite things about fall!


    1. MEETOOO!!! I LOVE FALL<333 favorite season!!!! :)

  2. omg, love these boots!! they're all so, so cute! i'm really liking the boots on justfab right now because they're so affordable. new follower on gfc, bloglovin, and google+

  3. Thank you so much:)!!! I followed your blog as well love it you are just stunning and your posts are amazing! Thanks for stopping by!
    Erin Nicole


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