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Monday, October 14, 2013

"I am a free spirit.. either admire me from the ground or fly with me.. but don't ever try to cage me"- Unknown

Hey y'all thank you all so much for your kind words,  prayers, & thoughts! I am still pretty sore but my kidneys are on their way to healing I hope!!! Lots of water! Anyways I am beyond obsessed with this post for various reasons.. but first lets talk about the poncho.. it is so BOHO-CHIC gypsy feeling.. I just  feel like I am untouchable when I wear it! It is so comfortable and so my style.. I just can't even DEAL That's how obsessed I am with it!!!! Its suede and honestly gives your wardrobe such a lift, as you will see later in the week how I style it again! Its perfect for a beach cover up,  poncho/ shawl for chilly fall nights or even just daily wear for free spirits like myself! The second item that is just as special to me in this post is this hand knit infinity scarf! I love hand-made items, you can just feel the love & effort the person put into it, & I appreciate them. What a talent to make something so beautiful with your own two hands! What a gift!!!  Also… my favorite go-to wear/tear Steve Madden Boots, a now really good friend once bought me. I love them and still wear them every chance I can! I decided to add a pop of color with the lipstick, and I think it worked pretty swell! I found this outfit so rad.. & just couldn't decide or narrow down anymore pictures so I just kept them, usually I try to not have so many so sorry about that guys! Hope you enjoy, I have so many goodies, giveaways, and special surprises for y'all this week! Again love & appreciate each & everyone of my followers, sponsors, mentors, and influencers!


Boots: Steve Madden
Shirt: JcPenny
Hand Knit Infinity Scarf: HooksDoDesign: exact scarf!!!

Cable Sweater Leggings from Shop Brandy's: leggings

Urban Gypsy Designs: Wild Flower Poncho
Follow Urban Gypsy Designs on:


  1. Gorgeous!

    1. Awh!!! I love your sweet comments<33333 Thank you!!!

  2. I really like your scarf! Beautiful post!


  3. Let me tell you it is sooooo comfortable!!! Thank you for your sweet words! I always look forward to your comments:):)
    Erin Nicole

  4. Love the scarf! It makes me excited for winter!

    Kisses from Ireland x

    Cat x

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment!! I know I love winter and cannot wait!!!! Hoep you have a fab day!
    Erin Nicole


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