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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Try to catch me ridinnn' Nerdy....whaaaat?

The title... uhhhh ...Yep... exactly what you thought but better.. ha. I tend to embarrass myself... and so like the song "try to catch me "ridin' dirty" I decided to make my own spin on it..  I am so excited to be able to feature these amazing pieces from Shop N8! I love this edgy yet chic brand that is so fun to dress up or down, so comfy chic that you can wear it long boarding, skateboarding, anything your heart desires! The found N8 (Nate) is an absolute pleasure to talk to & work with! His company is amazing and I cannot possibly speak more highly of their efficiency, response to emails, fast delivery & complete assistance with customers! All so quick, nice and always get a great response! Without further bragging about his amazing company & how much I want to sport all their clothes here is todays post! ( make sure you check out the complimentary stickers on my laptop cover! ADORE THEM)
P.s. I appreciate all y'all's patience with my absence but I am back at it.. and nothing is going to slow me down.. hope you missed me;)
Outfit Details: 
Sweatshirt: Shop N8: Exact Here!
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target
LongBoards: The Compound
Skateboard: Brothers ;)
Beanie: Shop N8: Exact Here!
Shop N8 Stickers as seen on my computer: Visit Shop N8 Sites Below:


  1. Great post! Glad to see you back!!!

  2. Thank you!! I am glad to be back too:)))

  3. Love it!
    Follow back :)

    1. Already followed you!! thank you hope you followed back:) xx