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Friday, April 4, 2014

Vaporize 101 Review

Hey guys... I am so sorry for such a huge gap in my blogging! I have been quite sick and going through a lot & trying to finish my semester before summer, however I will be posting all this coming week! One thing I admire & adore from my followers & sponsors is y'alls patience & understanding. Y'all have been there for me from day one and I cannot thank you enough. Today I have a review of a Vape some call them e-cigs... they are not for everyone, I am not a doctor a physcian so I cannot say they are healthy or if they are harmful. Given the choice I would choose the cape over a cig, and over a regular hookah. Not many like hookahs, but in college you can go to hookah bars.. but these capes are like your own hookah, and are basically water vapor, you can personalize them & you don't have to share with anyone else or worry about tobacco or nicotine.. its all your preference and choices! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I am roughly 82 followers on twitter from my HUGE GIVEAWAY! So if you are not following make sure you go and follow :)!
About: Learn About Them!
Types: Vapes & E-cigs
Flavors: right here!

review 101 from Erin Nicole on Vimeo.


  1. Great post!!!

  2. So sweet thank you!! I love reviewing products that can reach out to every sort of audience its really beneficial to help anyone learn about things etc! You are so sweet! Chat soon!