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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bullet tips, leather, and a kind soul.

Hey guys! Yes it is a little late in the day for a post, however I was at a motocross freestyle show... it was sooo intense.. ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I do have a little tomboy in me... or rather.. a need for speed!?!?! I have always had an inner eagerness to do dangerous things.. but for the most part its under control .. for the sake of my poor mamas heart, I out her through enough growing up .. and sure when I have little kids of my own, I will get paid back.. oh lord. Anyways on to the outfit of the day! I am sooo happy to show you guys this adorable Bullet Antler Necklace I received from the sweetest owner & designer of Rugged Reflections! She is so nice to have donated this to me, knowing how hard it is to start getting sponsors when you first start blogging! But she too understood, how it is having a passion and the process of getting people to take you seriously! So thank you for your kindness, and your incredible thoughtfulness for someone you haven't even met! Plus I am obsessed with it! One of my very favorite necklaces! So here's my outfit of the day:
You can find the link to Rugged Reflections here:click here!
and the link to the bullet Necklace here :antler-tip-necklace
If anything just go & take a glance at her site, you will fall inlove.. I want to buy the whole lot!

Boots- Target
Leggings- Cotton On
Leather Jacket- Target
Necklace- Rugged Reflections
Shirt- Forever 21
Lipstick- Kate collection Rimmel !
Much love,
Erin Nicole


  1. Such a cute look! What bronzer do you use!?

  2. Hey Kal! I actually use a mixture..I am obsessed with bronzer! Right now I use elf, the blush & bronze, target brand like Sophia something, and rimmel bronzer in sungoddess I think I will check again though!
    Erin Nicole

  3. Love your outfit!!! Love the leather jacket!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. Awh thank you that is so sweet!!! :)!!! xo


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