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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day & Night outfit- Refuse to Sink

Hey guys,
So excited for today's post I am wearing/featuring an amazing design from the Printed Palette.. Love their designs and their clothes are so comfy..(COMFY CHIC..MY FAV) I will put the links up to their site etc. However you can find their link under the sponsor section on the left side of my page! Go check out their awesome clothes & great deals! I hope y'all had a good presidents day if you got the privilege of not working, taking the day off, or not attending school! Today was my beautiful mama/best friends birthday! She is as gorgeous and fab as ever! I love her to death and could not even imagine being without her, we really are twinnies, and I would not have it any other way! (Mama if your reading this I loveeee you smooches). Anyways earlier before I cam back to university for the week my mama & I went out shopping for her birthday.. and for fun.. (addiction...could be worse right?) And found this fab coat that I am wearing below! I love it! Yes it was a bit expensive but worth it.
Erin Nicole
You can find the link to the website here: click


Long sleeve shirt- The Printed Palette similar one here: refuse to sink
Fur coat- Local store: Atu
Earrings: Atu
Necklace: Atu
Leggings: Cotton on
Pumps: Target!
Boots: target(last years I think)
Lipstick- Revlon!


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