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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I mustache you a question... Whats the deal with mustaches?

Hey Guys!
So Happy Thursday loves! This week has been really slow I have no idea why it has seemed to drag on, but its almost Friday!!! weeee! So excited to model all these fab jewelry designs from my amazing sponsors! So keep checking in because they will be up in the next few days! So I totally have no idea why everyone is obsessed with mustaches now.. but I kind of love it... ! This sweatshirt is totally my new fav. This sweater is the most comfortable sweater.. I have ever worn in my life... twenty years guys.. that's a long time! And yes these leggings will probably make more than just two appearances since they are my favorite! I have wanted them for forever and they are so edgy.. but chic!
I made this video for you guys! But I am sorry I mispronounced some things, or if I said the wrong thing.. I am still getting comfortable in front of the camera! But I am so thankful for everything guys!





Sweatshirt- Tjmax
Leggings- cotton on
Boots- (old)


  1. Cute sweater! I guess you never saw my apology/comment the other day on your nume post. I was about to do the leibster post tonight! Good luck with your blog

    1. Thanks girl!! And sorry I haven't checked I will right now!:) you should totally do it! Your blog is darling! Much love Erin nicole


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