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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Stars above us chasing the day away to find the stories that we sometimes need"

Let me just start by saying this weather is AH-MAZING. I always say I was born in the wrong state since I tend to love jeans, leggings, jackets, layering, hats, and let us not forget my major boot obsession. So I am ever so grateful for this beautiful break of the usual Southern heat we have down here! This post you may notice something different.. I often get comments on insta, twitter, here BASICALLY EVERYWHERE asking why I never smile, sometimes I even get ones asking if I have teeth... the answer is yes, and they are my own & real HA. Now that I cleared that up for everyone so interested I am smiling 98% if not 99% in this post. I have always smiled without my teeth.. so honestly it is just a habit & I feel more comfortable with just a no teeth smile, but since I love & value my followers I will venture out of my comfort zone & have a good time smiling & being silly in front of the camera. This outfit I styled I just love for so many reasons. The long sleeved tunic is beautiful & can totally dressed up or down (even throw on a fur vest if its extra chilly out!) I am wearing my everyday stack of rings that I adore and feel incomplete with out, a uber chic hat (y'all know I love hats!) Leggings & my go to boots this fall/winter! I got the title of this post from a song by Jack Johnson called Constellations. He has a brilliant way of making incredible hits & I have been in a mood to listen to his beautiful music so I thought I would share it for all y'all at the bottom. (In no means am I trying to take credit for this video, I simply got it of youtube!) 

Long sleeved tunic: MalibuFox shop online or follow their instagram: malibufox (you can call the store to purchase & they ship!) Online!
Leggings: Nordstrom
Hat: Aldo 
Boots: Aldo exact pair: right here!
Jewelry: Everyday stack: CatBirdNYC,


  1. Awesome hat!

  2. cute hat!

    1. Thanks babe!! I love it!!!! I am a major hat girl haha