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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day!

So today's post is short & sweet because of course it is Valentine's Day! I thought this look was perfect since it is quite freezing here and I know everyone likes to get way dressed up so I decided I would give you the option of dressing down but still being V-Day Ready! Of course when it is chilly or I have any excuse to wear fur (faux) I am totally on it so that explains that! These leggings from also the hat which you will surely be seeing more of is also from Scout & Cloth! They have the most darling items! The pick rose necklace is made by one of my favorite easy designers :LittlePixieCrafts. Every item is so delicately made and just so beautiful! I hope y'all have a wonderful day filled with tons of love and joy single or not single!

OutFit Details: 
Fur Coat: Forever 21
Long Sleeve Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Old 
Hat & Leggings:
exact pants: here!
exact hat: here!
Necklace: LittlePixieCrafts
similar: here!


  1. Beautiful! Love your pants and shoes! Happy Valentine's Day


    1. Thank you!!! Happy Valentine's Day too! I hope you had an amazing V-Day too!

  2. Beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's!



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