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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dunns River Falls

Hey guys so while we were in Jamaica we went to Dunns River Falls, which is this amazing and somewhat huge waterfall and rock climb that you can do. It was so beautiful and such a rush to just free climb it. I was basically in my bathing suit all day so I just threw on this boho tunic and wore it as a cover up! I hope you had an amazing memorial day. 

Tunic Catalina Dress:
Sandals: Target
Swimsuit: Target
Sunnies: Bought in Germany
Hat: Forever 21
Hair: Bellami Extensions
Jewelry: Whisper Ring: exact:here!


  1. Love how you can rock anything!!! You look great and your trip sounds like a blast. - Ash

  2. SO cute! That is an adorable cover up and that waterfall looks amazing!


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