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Monday, May 11, 2015

The McCord List Guest Post- MUSE

Hey guys I am super excited to share with you this amazing post by the ever fabulous Rachel McCord! She is the sweetest and just a doll! Here is her amazing posts with some major celebs! Hope you guys like :) 
Last week I co-hosted at a fabulous event in Los Angeles, called the Full Moon Bazaar.

Working alongside Jonathan Stinson, Jose Ortiz, and Mondrian Hotel, I was in another evening of heaven with my favorite guys!
We were thrilled to share some incredible work by a long list of fashion, lifestyle, and jewelry brands, to beats by DJ Whitney Fierce and Midnitemen.
We even had a special performance by Leighton Meester both solo with her band and with the incredible Dana Williams.

It was the kind of night you wouldn’t want to miss.
Fortunately, everyone was there!
From host and model, Shaun Ross.

To my best friend Lindsay Shaw and our group of girls like Kimberly Garner and then, of course, my man, Rick Schirmer.
Shaka Smith and Zane Hijazi (Zane and Heath Viners) – some of my favorites.
And tons of other celebs, Hollywood socialites, influencers, and models who snuck in unannounced.
My favorite brand was by my friend, Jocelyn from Muse.
Muse has been around for awhile. It is a headband and app that uses safe and approved technology to measure when your brain is calm, neutral, or distracted, during meditation exercises.
Muse is used in 50 hospitals and labs worldwide, and, now … in Hollywood!

Using the app Calm, Muse communicates on how restful your mind is, by giving real-time biofeedback during your practice. Earning points for a restful meditative state, Muse encourages mediation in a fun, interactive way.
For more information on Muse or to buy your headband ($299) check them out online

We all know that I am well versed on the benefits of meditation, I do it as much as possible. I just didn’t know how to measure if I was really meditating … Until now!
And, let’s be honest! After co-hosting on a Hollywood, influencer event for over 500 people, I need a good meditation!
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Make sure you check Rachel out at her sites! Along with checking out Muse:
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  1. This post is so informative and I always follow the McCord List! It's incredible you get to work with someone so fabulous and who knows a ton of people! - Ash

    1. THANK YOU for your lovely support<3


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