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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I woke up to the smell of..

Snookerdoodle cookies!! How could I possibly resist??.... I did not even try let me tell you.. When I smell something sweet its like I become a crazed animal!! I GOTTA HAVE IT! I did.. and boy was it delicious! Anyways its nearly Christmas.. & like usual I have yet to finish or start my holiday shopping for my family members... eeek..this weekends going to be spent scrounging, scurring, and pillaging for the best of whats left!!! Hope y'all have a blessed week! Happy Holidays :)

Outfit change! since it is a bit cold.. and I have an obsession with ponchos! I thought I would just switch my old sweater for the poncho enjoy:)

Tights- Target
Shoes- Target
Poncho- Macy's
Sweater- Victoria's Secret
Glasses- Claires
headband- a gift!
Shorts- tj max
Thanks y'all for stopping by to read :) feel free to comment !
xxxErin Nicole

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