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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New favvv hat!!

Hello y'all :)

First I would like to start off and introduce myself; my name is Erin Nicole. I am on my third year in college, and I live born & raised in Florida:) I am so blessed in my life, and so thankful. I actually did previously have a blog but it was more about my life and fashion that inspired me.. this one I hope will keep up with my my daily outfits, and maybe some inspirations here and there. Also possibly some insight into my life; my struggles and blessings, and regular everyday ups and downs:)Hopefully y'all enjoy my posts, do not hesitate to comment:)!

So for my first outfit post I will start Today:

 Hat- Target
Top- Ross'
Skirt- Tj max
Shoes- Target
(all of these photos are mine unless otherwise stated.. thankyou!(:)

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