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Friday, December 21, 2012

The World Is OVER... just kidding they got the date wrong;)

So as y'all most likely have heard .. today's the day the world was scheduled to end... Well let me tell you if this is the end of the world... boy have we been missing out! Today is such a cool windy day ..and yet the sun is still shining. We have a fire on the whole house smells like a warm fire, along with the smell of sugar cookies! What a wonderful day! Anyways enough of that hogwash.. I am pretty sure today is not the end of the world... believe me I wouldn't be on here if it was!:)


Top- Target simple black tank
Jacket- Macys
Pants- Tj max
Boots- Target
Glasses- Claires
Thanks for reading :) feel free to follow or comment :)!! xxx Erin Nicole!


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