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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A little gypsy/boho chic for a weekend affair

Hey guys, hope everyone had a spectacular weekend! Today's post I just love, first off its really comfortable, it feels like freedom, if that makes sense? It gets real hot here, so this is a very light-weight casual yet boho-chic outfit just to chill in! This headpiece is the most beautiful one I think I have ever laid my eyes on.. Thank you to Sunday Market for it, she sent it months ago, I had just been saving it for the right outfit.. & I think this outfit fits perfectly what do y'all think?
Reminder: y'all have till tomorrow to enter the Wild Butterfly Boutique Giveaway:
Believe me the steps are really easy!!!
The winner will be announced tomorrow evening!

Oh and this is the song I am currently obsessing over right now:
I adore everything about this music video! It is just darn cute!
(I own no rights to this video above, simply borrowed it from youtube)

HeadPiece- Sunday Market 
Tank Top- Tj-max
Lace Pants- Marshall's
Lace Knit Vest- Flea Market
Sandals- Marshall's
Shorts- Sport's Authority 
Jewelry: Freedom Love Beauty 
Full Site:Click Here
Necklace: Exact Necklace!
Bracelet: click here!

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