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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update & A chill "loungey" outfit

Hey y'all first I want to say, I hope y'all had an amazing and safe fourth!!! Second I actually extended the giveaway until this following Wednesday! Just because it has been such a hectic week and I have been receiving so many emails asking to keep it open! SO the MODERN85 Anchor headband giveaway will be open until Tuesday and the winner will be announced on Wednesday Morning! SO if you have not had a chance to enter.. go do it now!!! Also just a little about this outfit.. I found these jewel of pants while I was in Europe! They are I guess "palazzo" pants.. as everyone calls them .. but honestly I bought them because I fell in love with them right away.. they had all my favorite colors, felt like a maxi skirt, but are pants! Adore them if you do not have a pair they are a must have.. well in my opinion anyways! I want to thank Little Pixie Crafts for the adorable accessories shown in this post! I adore this mint/turquoise/aqua color! They match my eyes! Anyways many more things coming this week! Stay tuned and many surprises and giveaways! Have a blessed Saturday & weekend!

Flats: Target
Pants: Holland America Line (I think?)
Shirt: Printed Palette
Jewelry: Whole website found here: click!
necklace: click here!
clips : right here!
Erin Nicole

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