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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Never Look Back

Hey y'all sorry for such a delay in my post, I was busy with university & work! However I just love this outfit! It is so edgy yet comfortable.. and I just loved wearing it to class! I have to make this short since I do have class in the next hour but I hope you enjoy! And come on guys.. sign up for the amazing j-crew inspired necklace... it is soooo easy!
Erin Nicole

Shirt: JCPenny
Leggings: Cotton On
Converse: Old... can't remember where or when I got them!
(P.s. embracing the MESS of my hair today as blogger friend from MESSY DIRTY HAIR would say(;    ...xo)


  1. So true never look back
    you look amazing
    love Vikee

    1. Vikee your comments always make my day!! I love getting them :) so happy to have you as a blogger friend!
      Erin Nicole


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