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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strips, denim, & getting FOXY!

Hey guys, I was super busy today with school & work, and left over school stuff but I just wanted to post this outfit because it is so darn easy to pull together, comfortable and easy to just relax in! This post is going to be real short because I plan on going to see a movie tonight real soon, and my brother comes home tonight just in time for the fourth! So I hope all y'all have an amazing fourth and I am so thankful for all the veterans and all who risk their lives daily, God Bless America!

Bonus: this adorable necklace from Foxy Originals is giving all my followers 15% off until July 31st!
The code is: FOXYERIN15

Wedges: Payless
Skirt: Modern85 Boutique
Denim Jacket: Pacsun
Long Tee shirt: I've had it so long I do not remember! ha
Necklace: Foxy Original exact one found here: click!
Headband: Mila Rose Designs!


  1. I am totally stealing stuff from your closet girly. You are so chic all the time ;)

    We need to do a collab one of these days.

    1. Hey cayli,
      Thanks for the comment! You are so sweet! Yes for sure! You can email me and then we can chat about ideas!!


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