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Saturday, August 15, 2015

All about bedding & rest with SHEEX

So if some of y'all haven't figured out from knowing me. my snaps, insta, twitter or anywhere else I  possibly confessed my love for sleeping... now you know I love to get my sleep. Without sleep my life just completely gets out of whack, my anxiety gets really bad, I'm irritable, and not my usual self. So I will be a 100% honest like I always am on here. When I am tired and want to sleep I can sleep almost anywhere. However there is nothing quite like that really expensive sheet set at a really nice hotel that makes you feel like you are waking up as a new person. Thanks to I now get to feel that amazing feeling and get that amazing quality sleep I have always wanted. The robe I am wearing also is crated by sheex and I promise it is the most comfortable robe I have ever worn, it feels like it is not even there!

 FULL SET: Right here!
Robe: Right here!

SHEEX® Performance Products Are Dramatically Different

From the moment the idea for SHEEX® was born, our mission has been to create the ultimate sleep experience. That mission began with the world's first soft and dreamy performance fabric bed sheet, and today we offer a complete, customizable Performance Sleep System that includes additional bedding products as well as our base-layer sleepwear collection of ultra-comfortable, effortlessly modern styles – all designed for comfort and engineered to help you get an amazing night’s sleep.
What makes SHEEX® the best?
  • SHEEX® materials are smoother and softer and feel awesome against your skin, more so than any bedding products you have ever felt.
  • We are the first and only performance bedding company focused on the science of sleep and recovery to help you sleep better.
  • SHEEX® is the leading innovator in next-generation solutions to create the best sleep environment possible through breathable, moisture-wicking and absolutely amazing technical fabrics.

How SHEEX® Work

SHEEX® transfer body heat 2X more effectively than cotton, allowing the body to cool itself, promoting faster, deeper sleep onset.
SHEEX® also breathe nearly 50% better to reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. SHEEX® are cooler to the touch compared to cotton bedding and incorporate advanced heat and moisture transfer through evaporative cooling. 
SHEEX® have been tested at Diversified Testing Laboratories and are resistant to pilling. 


  1. That bedding looks so comfortable!


    1. THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE!!! I do not know how I slept on my other sheets before haha!

  2. You are just darling! Love this post ^agree looks so comfortable! - Ash