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Monday, August 17, 2015

"Talkin' to myself again Wondering if this travelin' is good "

Hey guys.
So a lot of my posts have been on instagram this summer some have been on the blog, however most have been on insta since I was traveling. So today is a little catch up post for all of you who don't have instagram! I hope you like I also have a discount code for all of you who unfortunately did not win in the giveaway. Discount code: "theblondelatte" for 20% off!

SO here are some of my insta posts!

Instagram: Theblondelatte 


  1. Your post are so intriguing and I love that you show people who do not use instagram, twitter or even Facebook your posts on those social sites! Fantastic idea..keep up the good work babe.

    1. Thank you!! I came up with the idea realizing half my family is anti-social media sites so I thought if they were other people would probably be too! Thank you for reading <3