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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Little Bit Wild

Hey y'all well today I am super excited to get to model for one of my sponsors and her adorable crochet head piece!! (also has many other pieces.. too come soon to the blog!!) She is the sweetest girl ever.. and has the cutest family!!! (sorry had to throw that in there because it is true!) She is beautiful inside and out and I am so lucky to have her as a sponsor! So you can find here shop right here! Before I delve into the outfit pictures I just wanted to say some things I am looking forward to this month and summer!
  • My baby brother is graduating high school! & has 4 days left ever!
  • He is going to Fsu... bittersweet, because I am going to miss him!
  • I am looking forward to our family vacation to Russia, Sweden and a few other places!
  • Blogging is about to get a heck of a lot more exciting! (Pictures in new places, with new people! love it)
  • I turn 21 in less than a month and a half... and my brother will turn 18 exactly a week before.
  • I can not wait to fall in love with the sun again.. I have been majorly neglecting it, and its about to make its way back into my life.
  • New exciting adventures, and meeting new people, seeing new destinations
  • Living for myself and for God.
  • Leaving the past in the past.. and this time not looking back.
  • Opening my heart to the option of love again.
  • Capturing so many exciting things on my Go Pro!! this means serious intense videos... not all safe.. so do not try them at home .. ha
  • And spending this summer appreciating myself, my family, God, my life, and all the beautiful things in it!

SO lets Get a Little Bit Wild.. how cute is that name!!?!

Tee Shirt- My brothers my mom brought back from Vegas
Maxi Skirt- Tj-max
Flats: Target
Earrings: Shop Bevel (My fav earrings!!!)
Headband: A little Bit Wild couture : exact one found Here!
( mine is just in black!!)
Much Love.
Erin Nicole


  1. You are so darling and I love the headband on you!!!!! Thanks so much for being so beautiful inside and out and I'm so lucky to have you model my pieces! You looked amazing! Xoxo

  2. Awh thank you so much!!! I love it you other items will be up soon! So exciting! You are such a sweetheart!!

  3. love the bow
    you look amazing
    love Vikee

    1. I loved the bow too! At first I was nervous I couldnt pull it off, but then I was like what the heck I will just go for it! thank you so much Vikee!

  4. Love the combination of the graphic tee and maxi!

    1. Ahhh this made my day!!! I love your style! Thank you so much for the comment:)! xo