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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend & update! & a little Kip Moore

Hey guys.. hope y'all are having a safe... but fun cinco de drinko.... or rather cinco de mayo weekend! I have missed all my followers so much! But I have received an a-okay.. so far from all my medical tests.. so this girl is back in blogging action! I could not be more excited! I have so many new exciting giveaways, and adorable clothes to style & accessorize with! I thank everyone for being so patient with me & am so thrilled to be back to blogging! I made a short vlog... for today's posts.. since I did not get to do an outfit post. Hope you enjoy.
Much Love,
Erin Nicole
Announcements: xoxe- can still be used for 70% of whitening lightning.. so do not hesitate to whiten those teeth and turn them into pearly whites!
Also... my mom is finally back from her 10 days... which felt like 3 months.. and I am so happy & blessed she came back & I now can go back to NOT playing mommy... !
Music Video Of The Day:
(I do not own any rights to this music video.. I simply enjoy the song.. hope y'all do too!)


  1. such a lovely post Erin
    love Vikee

    1. Thank you Vikee, you always say the sweetest things!!
      Much Love,
      Erin Nicole