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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Now I cannot speak, I've lost my voice I'm speechless and redundant 'Cause I love you's not enough.I'm lost for words......"

Hey guys! So I have not had the time to blog for a few days.. but like always I do not take that long to rebound from anything. That being said here is another festival/concert inspired post featuring the lovely Ruby Pier you can find their amazing site here: click away!  Also I want to thank Bare Roots Jewelry for this amazing headpiece I have worn before.. but just adore so I had to show it off again! You can find their site here: right here! Announcements: Health wise I am doing so much better, I am pretty sure we have narrowed down the reason for recent health issues.. and it is such a relief! I also leave for Europe in two weeks.. so excited, and yes I will still be posting! I could not leave all you babes in the dark!Also I am so excited to announce all my new sponsors that are coming so soon to the blog like soon as in like this week soon! The majority of them are listed on the right side panel (check out their sites... you will not be disappointed!) Many of them are generous enough to give amazing discounts to y'all too! And a few giveaways are coming up! Anyways hope everyone who is a mother, is becoming a mother, and who has a Mother had a great Mother's Day! (sorry so late for this)! Hope you like the post.. PS.. the dress is sooo comfortable! without further ranting from me...
Erin Nicole

Dress: Ruby Pier: exact one found: HERE!
Boots- Steve Madden
Earrings: Ruby Pier: exact found here!
Cuff: Ruby Pier: exact Found here!
Necklace: Rugged Reflections shops under maintenance
Headpiece: Bare Roots Jewelry: Site/Shop here!
Hat: Target
rings: Gold diamond- passed down from Grandmother
Stackable: CatBird ring
turquoise ring: From Las Vegas, my mama brought it back from here vacation!
Music Video of the Day- an oldie but a goodie!
( I do not have any rights to this video, its from youtube)
Thanks for stopping by!



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