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Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Your Heart

Hey guys! Sorry I am so behind! today is my brother's graduation I am also, working today, and packing... to a normal person this may seem like the easiest tasks to do.. but to me I completely shut down .. part of my adhd way of processing.. it is like as soon as there is a list of stuff I have to accomplish I just sit there and cannot decide what to do first.. or last.. or even start! So I am sorry I am so behind.. AGAIN if your jewelry or fab designs, clothing is not up this week,  it will be up next week or it gets to come with me to Europe! Which I am so excited about and will surly be taking a ton of photos and just ahhh! So thank y'all for being patient! Really I was not expecting to be so swamped this week/and next week! But I am so grateful for each and every one of you!
Also I have a new Video up under the video section about Keratin perfect!

Tops: FREE YOUR HEART APPAREL: the whole site can be found here:
Love is power tank (mine is in black) : click heree!
Let it go tee: right here!
Blue Anchor tank: right here!
( the tees/tanks are so adorable and comfy! I love to work out in them.. and Just lounge! I will def put up other ways to wear and style them but they feel so soft.. and I cant get enough!)
Headband: Bsavy designs!
leggings- tjmax
shoes- under armour


  1. You look adorable! Have fun at the graduation. Take your smart phone, they get kinda long ;)

    1. Awh love you Brook always leaving the sweetest comments! I will def, bring my cell tonight ... they are rather long.. but he only has about 120 in the graduating class so it should not be too terrible! I hope you are having a fab day!!!

  2. You are so gorgeous! That headband is just to die! Happy to be following you my new blog friend!


    1. Dear Karissa,
      You are just so darling!!! Thank you so much! Love new blogger friends:)!