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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day y'all,
Hope you guys had a fab weekend! As for me finally getting everything back on track and organizing my life again! Ahhh... even though I hate getting organized, I do have to admit it feels better than not knowing where anything, anyone, or any place is! I want to thank all my sponsors yet again because honestly you guys help me so much with my passion for blogging & fashion. For me it is not about just getting "new" items or just "stuff", it honestly is because I love the options all your fantastic designs, clothing, and jewelry give me to enhance my outfits & follow my love for fashion blogging! (as well as sometimes switching it up & just ranting about this or that, what university is like, my inspirations and anything else!...okay okay I am done!) Anyways thanks again guys for your support & belief in me through out this amazing journey! Hope everyone wore something green! & do not forget to enter the giveaway with Raptor Jewelry in my previous post!
Erin Nicole

Dress- Borrowed from my mama!
Hat- Target
Shoes- Gap
Bracelet- Mexico (love it one of my favs!!!)
Necklace- Inhale Love exact one found here!
Ring- CatBird & a old treasured ring from my grandma!
(all these pictures were my own except the logo, and the Saint Patricks Day sign, thanks google! & Inhale Love!)


  1. you look amazing Erin
    love Vikee

  2. Thank you sooo much that is too sweet!


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