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Monday, March 25, 2013

typical monday university attire

Hey guys! Hope y'all have been paying close attention to the blog lately many good deals & giveaways! (One giveaway ends this Tuesday! Winner announced on the 27th!) Major discount from Whitening Lightning if you are a follower! The code is in the previous post! I am telling you this is an amazing deal and it REALLY works! No sensitivity just pearly white teeth :)  Anyways today's post is just an outfit post on what I would normal throw on to attend class at university, comfy & yet still cute, without being over the top! I am so grateful for my sponsor whose jewelry is featured in this post! She is such a doll, & her bracelets are timeless and gorgeous! SO thank you Pateel! <3
You can find here amazing shop on the left hand side under sponsors! or right:Here!
If you have not already go check out her shop!

Boots- Target
Leggings- Ross
Shirt- Forever 21
all direct links to the exact bracelets! Get Shopping Loves!
Headpiece- Tripp Boutique
Erin Nicole

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