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Saturday, March 2, 2013

You fit me better than my favorite sweater

Hey guys, I am sooo sorry I have fallen so behind on my posts! I have been under the weather with the flu... I rarely get sick, but since it is going around I happened to get it :/. I am on spring break from university now so I am sure I can catch up! Many giveaways this week, so keep reading!!  I am so thrilled to have gotten so many goodies from my sponsors so these next post will have all y'alls designs, jewelry, and clothes in them! I am obsessed with todays outfit, I can thank the Remy Boutique for basically everything in this post except for a few items! Their amazing website you can find right here: click me!
You must go check out their adorable, comfortable and reasonable priced clothing! (and they ship very promtly!)

Boots- Steve Madden
Leggings- Cotton On
Shirt- Tjmax
Knit Cardigan- Remy Boutique similar here:click!
Jewelry - Remy Boutique their site link can be found here :
Erin Nicole


  1. Hey gorgeoous giiirl! I love this outfit *_*
    I just found you and immediately became member! I would really appreciate it if you'll visit my blog back :)
    Kisses and keep in touch ♡

  2. Thanks dear! I will totally follow you:) thank you for all the sweet comments:)! xx Erin Nicole

  3. Hi Erin! =D Lovely outfit post! I'm loving the sweater so much! I'll definitely have to check out REMY boutique =D Also, I would really love it if you could check out my Modmint Floral Maxi Dress giveaway! It's really easy to enter, and I'd love it if you could join!

    Feel better, beautiful!

  4. Thanks Babe! You are too kind! I def will enter:)! Super excited:) xo


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