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Monday, March 18, 2013

my fav style trends at the moment

Hey guys, today has been hectic but I wanted to change it up and do a post on my inspirations ATM! Just to clarify none of these photos in this post are mine... thank you google! Anyways hope everyone was not to hungover from St. Patrick's Day hehe.
                                                       Celeb Style I am currently Obsessed with:

Other things that I adore right now:
love these boho-ish bags!
Can I have this whole outfit please!?!!?

Love tons of bracelets stacked ! SOOOO cute, LOVES IT.
                          Love ear cuffs! I think they are so maj! A fantastic way to make a statement!
this picture is perfect! Love these hats, her make up & tan!
This needs to be my room.. like yesterday!
How cute is this!!? adorable for couple pictures! Or a romantic date!

& lastly I love pink, flowers, and these pictures for some reason make me feel all giddy inside how adorable!
until next time, much love
Erin Nicole


  1. I seriously cannot get over how perfect Blake Lively is! Love all of these photos. You have the greatest style! :)

  2. She is perfect! Such a style icon of mine!!! Thanks you are the sweetest!!

  3. I too love Blake Lively and her style, such a shame gossip girl isnt on anymore. I am also loving the ear cuff, def on my list on this to try this spring:) love all the photos so chic girly sweet!!:)

    kisses, Sasha


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