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Monday, April 29, 2013

A day in the life

Hey y'all.. so while my mama is out of town, (I know I have said this before) I have no one atm to take my pics.. so I decided to vlog... or so they call it.. I hear. Anyways.. while my mama has been gone I have,, unwilling taken her role.. of keeping the house tidy, doing the washes, chores, etc. for my dad & brother.. so here's a little vlog about that.. watch at your own discretion... rather long! (but hey I warned ya!)
Erin Nicole
p.s. love the faces it captures and uses as the starting point.. urgh.. NOT.


  1. Your so cute! I love following along on Instagram!


    1. Awh thanks Mal!! I love hearing feedback.. but really I am dying for my mama to come home and rescue me from just these boys! haha thanks :)!


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