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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Copenhagen in Denmark!

Hey guys!
So again today's post is about our travels! I loved Copenhagen, Denmark.. absolutely beautiful. The people were so very friendly and inviting! The views were fabulous! Totally would love to go back and actually stay more than a day and a half but it was splendid! So today I thought I would show my top fav photos and then have a link to the video of basically all the pictures from the whole day! SORRY NOW FOR THE PICTURE OVERLOAD! On a side note I am again repeating myself but I feel like I have to since I adore my sponsors and they are being so patient with me getting caught up and all SO THANK YOU! I hope y'all have a wonderful day, its beautiful out go get your shine on!!!!!!
Erin Nicole

Boots: Steve Madden
Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf: Forever 21
Long Shirt: Gap
Shades: Cotton On
Hair products: Keratin Perfect(the cream & used the straightener amazingggg)
Brothers outfit:
Snap Back: Hurley (pacsun)
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Nike (most likely from the compound)
Tee: Pacsun... but I will double check!
or you can find it on youtube:

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