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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Urban Cowgirl

Hey y'all! So finally getting grounded again, and back on task with all my blogging duties (which I love!!) I just couldn't think of another word to call what I do on blogger other than duties! It really is a blessing to have such an amazing blogger community, and have met such amazing people all through blogging, instagram, and twitter! Its amazing how you can form such strong friendships without even meeting the other person yet! I am so blessed to have all y'all, you support me, inspire me and I hope I do the same for you! So my papa come home tomorrow just in time for my brothers big 18th Birthday.. bittersweet! Because he is going to college the next day! So proud of him I know he will do amazing.. but I know my mama, I and my papa will surely be missing him like crazy! Okay so today I decided to go out of my comfort zone and mix-match and get swanky with it! Ha.. one of my new favorite words I learned from "PRETTY WICKED MOMS" and I must admit.. it is certainly giving the regular "REALHOUSEWIVES" on Bravo..a run for its money in my honest opinion! I am so in love with watching this show its insane! Emily and Nicole certainly have some amazing style and some hilarious words! (& Nicole follows me on twitter!!! I am such a typical "fan girl" It literally made me so ecstatic!!!). If you haven't watched you should def tune in next Tuesday! But really if you are anything like me and love the south and south-isms... and fashion and just being cute and blonde.. it's a must watch show! Anyways... today's post is full of many different things .. and I happen to love them all! Thank you to all the sponsors in this post.. and thank you to my readers!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! (on a side not sponsors.. if your stuff is not in this post it will be up this week if I have to do two-a-days blog post style!)
Erin Nicole

Outfit details:
Cowboy Boots: Nashville, Tennessee some store on the strip!
Leggings: Tally Weijl (from Germany!!!)
Tank Top: Kohl's
Fedora: Montreal, Canada
Bracelets: Jewelry by Pateel, all listed below:
Her full site link: Click Here!
Necklace: Kyra's Collection click here !!
Exact ring here: Click!
 Thanks for reading sweets!

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