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Monday, June 17, 2013

Estonia "The Century is yours..."

So yes.. this is a way overdue post.. but you must excuse me.. It has been one heck of a week for my family and I. We lost one of our family members.. and my heart just aches for my aunt and everyone in general. So right now it is a really difficult sad time for everyone. I had to come on and make a post since it has been so long.. but right now this isn't where my heart or head is. Losing someone is hard to describe, and ripples through the whole family like a rain drop in a still pool of water. I am different in the fact that even if I am so consumed with being sad.. I don't cry right away. It takes a while for things to really set in and for me to accept the reality that someone we truly loved and such a special person is now gone at the young age of 26. It makes you appreciate everyone who you love and loves you a heck of a lot more. You come into this state of realizing.. things don't just happen to "other people", "things" can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime... even your "own people". Its honestly surreal. I know he is now an angel looking down with his father along with my grandparents, and everyone else up there.

Thank you sponsors & followers for your gracious patience.. I am so sorry everything in my life happens at once.. therefore I have been slacking on my posts... when it rains it pours.. but what goes down must come up... and we can only go up from here:)!

SO here is Estonia it was absolutely stunning in every way possible, this day we took a tour on a "hop on hop off" bus and then we decided after going around the whole city what part we were going to get off at and walk around. We then ended up walking down the cutest cobblestone streets, into an old church and through beautiful parks all the way back to our ship. It was so quaint and I could have stayed forever!

haha I have a raptor arm.. oh well candid

Jean Jacket: Pac Sun
Leggings: tj-max
Tee: Cotton On
Jewelry: 1ove 1ee
Shades: Cotton On
RVCA TEE- The Compound
Shorts- RVCA at The Compound as well
Shoes: Vans from ... The Compound
well that was easy.. haha
A video my brother took of me goofing off  on our first day of Russia!

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