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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Its my birthday I can twirl if I want to ;)

Hey y'all sorry for such a belated post, and for being a little MIA as of late. As most of you know I lost a family member.. and it was really hard on all of my family and hard to watch, then my brother went off to FSU... so far away I miss him everyday! But I know I will see him soon.. summer classes don't last that long! Then he comes home.. then back to university! I should know how it works by now as I am myself a university student.. but it is just different because he has always been at home as my "baby brother. Lets just say.. I am NOT one for change, I despise change... even though I know change is always ever coming, and never ending so I should just except it.. but I am very stubborn.. but one day I will let things just come and leave as they may. ONE DAY... no promises of to when that day will be! Anyways I just started summer school so that's another reason I was MIA, and I have been working super hard to save up for my mac book pro! That I got today with the help of my lovely grandparents! (they helped with the last few hundred.. I fully tend to pay back in full though!) But I am a major shopaholic so for me to save close to 900 dollars... was nearly impossible.. but sooo worth it! My mac is my baby! I cannot wait until I know it like the back of my hand.. I am just scared of the change over I guess! But I heard once you go mac, you don't look back! HA.. always makes me laugh! Also last Thursday was my 21st Birthday! I am obsessed with this gem of a dress, and these darling wedges! Also don't forget to look closely at the charming jewelry I styled with it! Thanks for everyone's birthday wishes! I love all y'all so much! I hope you follow along via bloglovin if GFC really does go away tomorrow!
Erin Nicole

and a little black and white to mix it up!
Dress: PEACALOO BOUTIQUE : exact dress found here!
Wedges: Tj-max
Jewelry: Hbunnie Creations website found here: click!
Bracelet: similar: here and Here! and the sweet matching necklace!
Necklace: CityGlam full site here: Click here!
exact necklace: Click Here!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Doll!! Love the outfit and accessories ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much Rhonda!!! It means so much :)!!!!