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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lets talk turkey.

Hey y'all.. okay right this second you are probably thinking umm... turkey? Does she mean like she is going to spend a whole post talking about turkeys.. or turkey recipes, or why turkeys exist or what it has to do with anything I usually post about.. But I am not talking about any of those things actually not talking about TURKEY at all. Its a saying.. like lets get real, lets talk straight, to the nitty gritty, no b.s. its like my new fav saying. So really.. Let's talk turkey...

Usually I always post about fashion & outfits and the usual, but today I am getting real with y'all. (usually I just give glimpses into my life but I am going to try to expand on some just go with it okay?)

1) Jet lag.. how long can this last for? I have been back for 4 days.. and I still wake up at 3-5 am wide awake... its ridiculous
2) I am writing this at work.. on my lunch break...while whitening my teeth.. and dancing & singing to kip moore..YES I AM OBSESSED WITH COUNTRY MUSIC and I don't care who knows!
3) If I actually stay on task enough to right this maybe you will learn more about me
4) So much is going on in this month it is INSANE. thinking about what is coming .. literally makes me want to crawl under this desk right now and stay there till its Christmas? so an overview of June:
Father's day.. my brothers 18th birthday..then he goes away to his first year of college... then my birthday exactly a week later and yes it is my 21st! (I literally start summer classes two days before my birthday..bummer?) I filled with so many contradicting emotions this month it is obnoxious. I am happy for my baby brother but sad he is leaving but I know he is going to do so well and just thrive like usual! But then he will be five hours away.. and that's odd for everyone! I am bittersweet about turning 21.. I hate getting older.. even if I can legally drink.. yayay. it gets old real quick. I feel like I am getting old "real quick". I just wish sometimes I could put life on a slow down mode... so I can actually have time to process emotions, change, and still see the beauty in everyday life! It so easy to get caught up in a ton of stuff that honestly really doesn't matter at all, especially in the long run.

Being in Europe... always humbles me.. well I guess when you go anywhere other than where you are used to. We take simple things like having water fountains, and bathrooms that are free to use for granted.. until you are in another country standing in line to pay to use a public restroom. Or spending 8 dollars on a bottle of water.. It makes you grateful for what you have. But it also shows you how many people there really are out there in the world, and how life really is always continually going on...It makes you realize how grand the world and universe is and how small you as a person and your "bubble" or city or whatever is so small in the whole scheme of things. Its scary to think like this but at the same time it excites me. ALL the possibilities we have ahead of us..we can live wherever we want, travel anywhere, meet new people everyday, experience new cultures, taste new foods, walk along different cobblestone streets, cross over and travel under all types of bridges.. its just mind blowing. I love the fact at the end of the day.. I can lay my head down and dream of all the different possibilities and chances I have before me that I can take and goals I can reach!
Anyways that's all the time I had to rant about that.. sorry if you read it and were expecting something much more deep or interesting, sometimes I just write what come to mind.. its freeing, take the pressure off and just let go and see where your mind takes you.
Erin Nicole


  1. beautifully written.
    loved it
    love Vikee

    1. Dear Vikee, awh I honestly love your comments and look forward to them! I appreciate you reading all my posts! It makes me feel like I am actually doing something other than just taking pictures of myself in clothes.. xo!!!