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Friday, August 2, 2013

Bombshell Extensions

Hey y'all so I had a great opportunity to collaborate with the amazing, talented, and beautiful mother Cari Eggen! She also has her own blog & she has the most darling family, you must check her out! you can find her blog here:, her instagram is CARIEGGEN. She is just a sweetheart! Anyways she is the one who introduced me to Bombshell Extensions! I can say I am never going back to my previous ones! These extensions are gorgeous, shinny, you can curl, straighten, basically do anything you do now with your hair! You can find the website and all the ways to contact Bombshell Extensions on their website:
They have their own Facebook page which you can find right here: click!
The link to Bombshell Extensions on instagram: direct link click here!

                                    To see my video review on Bombshell Extensions:
      You can go to my video tab and click it, and the first video is the review! If that is too complicated then the link is right here: Click!
                                                         here is a still shot I took off my phone:

Hope y'all enjoy & are having a fabulous friday night! 
Much Love,
Erin Nicole

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