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Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet Jessica, Guest Blogger & etsy shop owner!

Hey y'all today I am switching it up & having this sweetheart on the blog today! She is just the sweetest & cutest thing! I love her style & she is just darn cute! Jessica also has her own amazing etsy shop.. that I adore! I love having her as a sponsor & her designs are so beautiful! My post will be on her blog today so make sure you check it out over there by clicking right here!
Erin Nicole

Happy Friday all! I'm Jessica from Jessica Jean Blog. I am so excited to be here on Erin's lovely blog today. 

I have been blogging for about four months- mainly about fashion, but I like to touch on cooking, DIY projects, beauty, and life in general!

I'm twenty-three, married, and I'm finishing up my college degree in mass communications. After college, I hope to work in marketing and public relations. I also have my own business, JJ Walters Designs. I create handmade jewelry that sparkles and shines. Check out my shop here

I would describe my style as: girly, classy, and chic. I love all things floral and lace and a lot of my closet is made up of just that! However, I also love preppy and simple looks too. 

The thing about fashion is, it can be whatever you want it to be. Fashion is Art. It can be a gingham button-up one day, cowboy boots the next, and a tulle dress the next day. Fashion is what you make it and everyone can create it according to their taste. 

For a taste of what fashion means to me, scroll down! 

Thanks so much for reading along today! I hope you'll come and visit me at Jessica Jean Blog, here. I look forward to meeting some of you! 

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instagram: jess_walt 
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xo Jessica 


  1. Aww I just love her she's the nicest! So stinking cute!


    1. She is just plain adorable!!! She is always so sweet! I loved having her as a guest post! xo


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