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Monday, August 5, 2013

"I hope she'll be a fool- thats the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool"- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hey y'all I am so excited to have gotten the chance to interpret & make my own "Great Gatsby" post with the amazingly talented & beautiful mama and exceptional jewelry maker: Rebecca Beaulieu! She is just such a doll to work with, and I am so blessed she chose me to show case her "Gatsby Necklace", which I just love!! It is stunning and certainly speaks for itself! I also got to feature these amazing beautiful earrings! First as all y'all know I love the color of these are my absolute favorite color in the world! They match my eyes and they are are perfect! So many exciting things coming to the blog! Hope you guys had an amazing relaxing weekend!
Erin Nicole

                                                      Dress: H&M
                                                     Shoes: Ross
                                                     Stockings: Target
                                                     Hat: Antique Store
                                                      Head band: Forever 21
                                                      Pearls:  from my grandmother
                                                      Jewelry: Paint The Town Me:
                                                             Full Site: click here!
                                                            The Daisy Necklace: click right here!
                                                             Druzy Stud Earrings: RIGHT HERE!


  1. A-mazing Erin!! And your dad is the perfect Gatsby!

  2. Thanks Keely! It was such a fun shoot to do!!! haha MIss you can't wait for yoga to start back up!
    Erin Nicole

  3. You look super stunning
    gorgeous dress
    beautiful pictures
    love Vikee

    1. Thank you Vikee! Again you are always such a doll, bless you heart<333


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