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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mermaid colors & tutorial

Hey y'all this is a little video clip showing how I use & put in the Pretty Buns color chalk! I hope you understand my tutorial! Below I will attach pictures.. since the color in the video seems way yellow orange.. (horrible lighting.. sorry guys!) Also I did put the color chalk in my bombshell extensions! & it worked perfectly! I also curled my hair for the video.. and my brother is sleeping in the background.. so thats who you might see periodically.. ha…! I looooove the way you can mix the color and make your own colors! I put my pink and blue on some together.. and it came out purple! Just such a fun thing to do with your hair, especially when you get easily bored with your hair like I do.. I can never keep the same style for too long without getting antsy! Loved my mermaid colored hair! Plus it comes out with in 2-3 washes! Color with no commitment!

Pretty Buns Chalk: whole site:
Erin Nicole

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