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Friday, August 9, 2013


Hey y'all so before I say anything else,  I will be on holiday from tomorrow until Thursday! However I will be taking pictures while on holiday so when I get back I should have a ton of amazing pictures to show you guys! Today's post includes jewelry from Mesa Blue! Which is how I got the tittle for the post.. and you will understand when you see the awesome pictures of the bracelets! Another amazing sponsor in this post is Taylored Designs!!! I love the combo of this items together.. and I have a "minor" obsession with elephants.. if you could really call it minor! Anyways… I actually do long board.. not well.. but I can.. and have been practicing and plan on working at it until, I can do it without fearing about embarrassing myself! Ha. Love all y'all! Thank you to my newest 80th follower via gfc:) MADE MY DAY!
Erin Nicole

Vans: The Compound
Leggings: Ross
knit hat: Forever 21 (old)
Tanks: Windsor Store
Shades: Cotton on
Necklace: Taylored Designs! : similar here!
Bracelets: Mesa Blue: 
textile bracelet: right here!
aqua stone bracelet: similar here!
hamsa bracelet: MesaBlue

(Now y'all should get why I titled the post the way I did since the hooks of the bracelets!)


  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love the jewelry and your top!!!

    1. Thank you love!!! You made my day:) I love hearing feedback!! :) thank you so much!!!<3

  2. Thanks for following my on instagram! I just followed you on GFC & Bloglovin... would love for you to do the same.
    You have a lovely blog and I love the name!

    1. No problem Darling!! I adore your blog! I follow you on everything!:) xo Love your sweet comments! Hope one day my blog will be as succesful as yours! thank you again!
      Erin Nicole


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