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Friday, June 12, 2015

“God made old country roads for drivin’ and dreamin'”

Hey Y'all,
Hope you are had a good week! I feel like this week flew by! I am obsessed with this outfit for so many reasons. Its almost desert chic. Which I classify as a little bit southern, and a whole lot of boho, like you almost just stepped out of the most exotic adventurous place, or you are about to go on the best adventure, which is how I like to look at everyday. A big brand new amazing adventure that I have yet to fulfill and yet to experience! Anyways I love this light weight floral kimono, I placed it over a free people slip and through on some boots and of course added some gems, a hat and a beautiful headpiece. I hope you all have a wonderful adventure today whatever yours may be. Also do not forget you can enter the #ifit #giveaway until Friday (see last post for details) or visit instagram for the easy steps to enter and win!

GardenGlory Kimono: exact:Here!
Slip Tank: Free People
Hat: Forever 21
Ring(turquoise): MYTranquilDESIGNS
Other Rings:( ruby red & dark blue) The Sunday Market


  1. THAT NECKLACE!!!! You are gorgeous! Just came across your blog and love it! GIRL YOU GOT STYLE!

    1. This totally made my week! thank you <3

  2. You are so extremely beautiful. Your blog is amazing and you do such a great job! Keep it up!


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