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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"You are a moment of quiet in a loud shouting world"

Hey guys, so don't forget to check the instagram for updates & giveaways! This post is one of my favorite comfortable go to outfits. I can't get over how cozy it is and yet so cute! I styled it with some amazing pieces and colors! I hope you like :) The giveaway for the TORY BURCH is now closed winner will be announced on IG. However... it is my birthday month and I have planned a bunch of giveaways for this month!! Check back tomorrow to see my fab #Ifit giveaway details I will be hosting by myself and you too have a chance to win the Whisper ring 14kt gold in this exact post!!
****ALSO use DISCOUNT CODE (LATTE20) for ) 20% off anything at Urban Glitter Boutique!

Outfit Details:
Sandals: Target
Whisper Ring: exact: here!


  1. Always so adorably gorgeous! I love your boho vibes!


    1. ahhh love you!! Thanks doll<3

  2. Loved this post, casual yet practical and perfect for vacation!- Ash


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