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Monday, June 8, 2015

Hair Tutorial

Hey Guys,
Today I decided to switch things up and do a hair tutorial since so many people loved my braid I wore the other day! I put them in simple steps with easy to follow numbers! On another note the #WhisperRing Giveaway is now closed.. winner will be announced today in the comments section in the #giveaway post! Thank you to all that entered! I have another fab giveaway planned for the end of this week with #Ifit. I also have a major #discount #code for smile sciences I can’t wait to get my whitening kit!! Get yours w/ coupon code
“BLONDE29” at !
First you take three separate pieces like a normal braid, then you start weaving one extra piece each time. Really simple and easy! 

You continue all the way down and waaaalaaaaa!

Details of Post: 
Hair extensions:
Bracelet: Seaweed Souls
arrow ring:


  1. Finally, I love when you do tutorials! Cannot wait for more! You're hair is so gorgeous. Stunning. - Ash

    1. Thank you!! I actually have been in the works for more tutorials! If you have any specific Ideas let me know!


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