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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lets Brighten up this Monday shall we?

Hey guys.. Okay who watched the ACM's last night... first off.. I died at all the maj gowns! So gorgeous! Second... LUKE BRYAN.. NEED I SAY MORE? But obvi I am going to! First Blake & Luke were amazing together.. and when he won entertainer of the year.. I literally thought I died.. heart palpitations.. the whole nine yards.. he is so humble.. and when he cried... it just made him that much more of a man, not to mention he is sooooo sexy, his wife is a lucky lady! I also want to shout out to Miranda Lambert, I have always loved her music since I can remember, shes beautiful inside & out and when she won.. it def brought a tear to my eye!.. ANYWAY that's just my small recap... On other news I have a video today... and I felt I needed to post it because first I love my baby brother ... even thought he towers over me now, and is almost an adult himself, and I thought this was just such a cute creative way he asked this girl to prom... so I hope you like it.. its funny/adorable/perfect...! My brother is a keeper ladies.. you can thank my mama for raising him right:)!
Anyways today's post is featuring:
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Have a beautiful day,
Erin Nicole


  1. Loving the outfit! And adorable video girl! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Amanda! was that not the cutest?!?! I want someone to do that for me! hahah (too old for prom though!) xo


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