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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey guys.. today's or I should say tonight's post is dedicated to a Role Model to all woman & men. She is so inspiring has been through so much and now creates beautiful jewelry which she named "WIRED FOR FREEDOM". So she graciously became one of my sponsors and I knew I just had to share her story.. with permission from her of course.. to all of you guys out there and anyone who is hurting in any kind of way. She is an inspiration to all young and old, to truly love and value yourself and not from other people but from God. 
Sarah's Etsy Site can be found here: CLICK HERE
She makes beautiful jewelry all wire... it is just amazing,

And this is her story:

I am Wired for Freedom, and this is my story. For 13 years I battled self-injury. Labeled as a “good Christian girl,” I still felt worthless, ugly, crazy and alone. One night, I SHARED MY STORY with a young girl and my life was forever CHANGED. She shared the same struggle — I WASN'T ALONE! God began to heal and EMPOWER me through my testimony, but it wasn’t enough for me to stop hurting myself. I needed an outlet. Learning to crochet helped me develop patience with myself. Not long after, I discovered using wire as art and embarked on my JOURNEY with Wired for Freedom. Naturally, I used myself as a model for my jewelry creations and soon started receiving custom orders. I began to find VALUE in myself but often thought of quitting. As my gift developed, I went for it, and Wired for Freedom (wf) was created. As a designer, I have an outlet for self-expression through the creation of custom pieces, which also allows customers the same experience. Though once terrified to share my story, I now do so nearly every day. Today, I thank GOD for setting me FREE and continue to use my hands to CREATE instead of destroy. I’ve learned that through my story and art, I can help others become WIRED FOR FREEDOM.

for the full story:

twitter and instagram @wiredforfreedom

"Whether it's the freedom to express yourself, freedom from your past, or helping to set others free. Everyone has the desire to be free, wired deep within them." - wired for freedom.

I am so grateful she has let me wear and show you her fabulous creations:
Earcuff: exact one found right HERE!
knuckle ring : exact one right here CLICK!
Hope y'all have a marvelous night and take something from her beautiful story and check out her darling website!
Erin Nicole


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    1. Thank you Chidiogo, She makes amazingly beautiful designs!
      Erin Nicole


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