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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet Victoria Elizabeth!

Hey y'all I am sure you have by now seen my new personalized blog picture at the top created by the most talented, sweetest darling ever Victoria Elizabeth! I can not thank her enough, I love it, it even has a latte in my hand ;) SO CUTE ... this is so maj! Anyways I wanted to share with you her shop.. she is incredibly talented and so friendly! Her shop is called Chic Print Shop and you can find it by clicking RIGHT HERE! I am telling you right now she is amazing at what she does and super adorable & easy to work with! Her instagram is @Victoria_daily you can find it here! go follow her and her cute instagram! I can not say enough nice things about her! She is so darling! Thank you so much again! Also as some of you know I am going through a really tough personal time I thank my followers and sponsors for your patience, prayers, and kind words. I am trying my best to catch up and I promise I will do my best to get all my amazing sponsor's designs out ASAP. It has been one heck of a month.. and this week has been especially hard.. it takes a lot to just get out of bed in the morning, but all your support, prayers, and patience get me through!
Thank you again.
Erin Nicole
Victoria Elizabeth's amazing design for my new logo.. IN LOVE.


  1. The new logo is totes perfect girl!!!!!

    1. Thanks Darling!! Victoria does an amazing job! :)


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