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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

skulls, converse, leggings, and a pop of color!

Hey guys, hope y'all are having an amazing week! I am still running around like a chicken with my head cut off... it takes a few days, for me to catch up once I fall behind on something so I am ever so grateful for the patience of my sponsors! I have not forgotten about you & your fab designs! The challenge is finding the time to feature & model them.. but one thing I am is a fighter, and by that I mean I will not give up, I am determined and will get caught back up! Anyways I want to thank both my sponsors in this post.. both of you have made this post that much more fun with your accessories! so without further ranting here is my outfit!

Shirt- Sports Authority
Leggings- Ross
Converse- Target (forever ago)
Scarf: Gertie & Baxter exact scarf here: Click!
Headpiece: ByFrancisFrank: exact one right HERE!
Ring: ByFrancisFrank: CLICK HERE!
Bracelet.. which is actually a necklace: ByFrancisFrank: found right here!
lippy- wet & wild!
Special thanks to my lovely Sponsors:
full website here: CLICK HERE!
By Francis Frank full website here: Click HERE!
With both of these amazingly talented designers you will not be disappointed, so go check out their sites! I am obsessed with literally everything on their websites, I would wear it all!
  • do not forget the amazing JLine Designs giveaway you can enter right here: CLICK &scroll to bottom for guidelines!
  • Also make sure you are reading all of the posts, because major discounts are going on right now for my followers.. in this weeks previous posts!
  • Always remember you are beautiful, special and have a purpose!
Erin Nicole


  1. Oh I love those shoes!


    1. Thanks Shannon, totally my fav color!!

  2. you look amazing Erin
    love all your accessories...everything
    love Vikee

  3. You are so sweet!! Thank so much girl!!! You have rockin style too!
    Erin Nicole


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